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Minimally processed, safe, fresh milk. 

Farm Life Creamery is the only small, on-farm, Grade A licensed bottling plant in the state of South Dakota! Our Grade A milk from our own herd of Holstein cows is collected and bottled fresh. We pasteurize low and slow, but nothing else, leaving our milk as close to its natural state as possible. Because our milk is non-homogenized, the cream rises to the top. SHAKE IT UP and enjoy. Our milk is the most natural form of cow's milk that can be purchased on a store shelf. What a great option for your family! Our milk is available at our Farm Store in Ethan, and at many local retailers! 

Nonhomogenized = Cream Rises!

Farm Life Creamery bottled milk is “cream-line” milk. Creamline Milk is one of the most natural forms of milk. It is pasteurized, to remove anything potentially harmful, but not homogenized. 

Homogenization is, briefly, high pressure used to break down the fat molecules in milk into very small particles that dissolve into the rest of the milk, so the cream no longer rises. Some believe that many of the health benefits of milk are lost during this process because it changes the natural form of the milk, purely for aesthetics. Instead of milk fats being digested slowly as they move through your digestive system, the fat is absorbed directly into the blood stream from the stomach. It can simply shock the system and your body may not like it, causing you to think you're intolerant to milk. There have been other studies that show that healthful enzymes that surround milk fats may be destroyed when milk is homogenized. Most importantly, many believe that milk loses its flavor when it's homogenized. Because we don’t homogenize, the cream rises to the top!

Many of our customers tell us that Farm Life Creamery milk is the only milk they can drink without suffering from digestion problems. We strongly believe that non-homogenized milk is simply better for you. It certainly tastes better!

AND, you will notice when you choose our Chocolate Milk, the chocolate settles to the bottom of the bottle. That's because we’ve added nothing artificial to keep it suspended! Milk, cocoa powder, sugar, that's it. Compare labels! There's many ingredients in other chocolate milk that just doesn't need to be there (like cornstarch and carrageenan!)

SHAKE IT UP and enjoy!

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Pasteurized Low and Slow.

At Farm Life Creamery we receive all of our milk directly from our family's Holstein herd. Gary & Amy Blase have maintained a Grade A milk source for over 40 years, and continue to run their dairy, Gee-Aye Registered Holsteins, to this day. 


Bottling our own milk within hours of milking the cows provides unparalleled freshness. Bottling on-farm and processing in small batches allows us the time to utilize the slower, "old-fashioned" vat pasteurizing method (145 degrees for 30 minutes) which takes longer, but maintains many of the enzymes and flavors that tend to be cooked out of other milk brands who utilize high heat processing (from 161 to 280 degrees, for only seconds) to extend shelf life. Small batch processing also ensures exemplary quality control. The natural, wholesome qualities of farm-fresh milk are retained.

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Bottled by hand.

Small batch processing ensures exemplary quality control. The natural, wholesome qualities of farm-fresh milk are retained in everything we do to get our milk to your table. We have a small, single head bottler in our Grade A licensed facility, and we personally fill each bottle. We bottle less milk, more often to make sure you are always getting the freshest milk possible. 


Our milk shows a 10 day "Sell by" date on each bottle. This doesn't mean it's "bad" on that date, we just want it to move to your home by then! Go by taste and smell when it gets to your refrigerator, but remember, it's natural! Our milk is NOT ultra-pasteurized just to extend shelf life. Milk isn't supposed to be ok for a month.

We only offer Whole Grade A milk. We don't separate into the other forms (2%, 1%, skim). We simply offer a pure, simple, natural version of cow's milk, in it's natural form.

Our Family's Holstein Herd

Gary & Amy Blase (Gee-Aye Registered Holsteins) both grew up on dairy farms, and started their own together in 1972! They switched to Lely robotic milkers in 2012. The family's Holstein herd is allowed the freedom to decide when to eat, drink, relax or be milked. The cows are housed in a free-stall barn and their bedding contains about 12 inches of sand to keep them comfortable and clean. The cows are offered free-choice feed throughout the day, which includes a mixture of home-grown forages. Their diets are balanced by the farm's nutritionist. The Blase family has always loved working with high producing, good genetic cows and strive to take the best care of their herd. They have maintained a Grade A producer license throughout all of their 40+ years of milking. All of the milk we use at Farm Life Creamery only travels 3 miles to get to our processing facility, and it all comes from our one herd of cows, allowing us to control the source.

Learn more about our history here: ABOUT US

Learn more about Lely Robotic Milkers here: videos

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