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Pure. Simple. Natural.


True Farm to Table!

We handcraft small batch artisan cheese, on-farm, using Grade A Milk from our family's Holstein herd in Ethan, South Dakota. 


Every week we have fresh, squeaky Cheddar Cheese Curds available to you - through local stores, delivery to local businesses, and shipping through online orders.

FARM LIFE CREAMERY APPAREL available for a limited time!

If you'd love to represent rural America, small town values, keeping small dairies alive, and fresh, natural products, then why not wear our logo? By doing so you draw attention to the very things we stand for! Maybe people will ask you what it's all about, and sharing the story with even one person is what it takes to help make a difference. It matters! Help us spread the word!


An awesome way to TRY OUR CHEESE: The Sampler Box!

A unique and fun gift. A great way to thank your customers.

A fresh local product to share with your friends. Something for everyone at the family gathering. Or, just a great way to try

our cheese! Order yours today!