Artisan Cheddar

We handcraft small batch artisan cheese using Grade A milk from our family's Holstein herd in Ethan, South Dakota. We age our cheese naturally, for a minimum of 3 weeks. Three weeks allows for amazing Cheddar flavor to come through, and the longer it ages, the sharper it gets. Our pressed curd blocks are infused with delicious flavor combinations we've experimented with in house during the small batch artisan process, and our original Cheddar is pure, simple and natural. We use the finest cultures, vegetable rennet, and quite simply, our pasteurized Grade A milk from our own Holstein herd. Grade A milk is not required for cheese making, but it's what you will find at the source of Farm Life Creamery artisan cheese. The best ingredients allow for even better Cheddar!


Artisan Cheddar


    • GARLIC
    • COFFEE
    • DILL
    • BACON

    Original Artisan Cheddar: pure and simple. Pasteurized Grade A milk, cultures, rennet, salt. That's it. Cheddar cheese is naturally white, so we leave it that way! You really haven't had a grilled cheese until you've had one made with our original Cheddar, and once you try it, you will never go back to a "cheese'like" product. 


    Sassy Sesame Artisan Cheddar: a blend of sesame seed, poppy seed, onion, garlic and sea salt added to our purest original cheddar, pressed, and aged naturally. This is an awesome cracker cheese! Or put it on a sandwich! Melt it on a burger. Or just slice it and eat it.


    Artisan Coffee Cheddar: our pure original cheddar mixed with fresh ground coffee, and a touch of cocoa powder, pressed, and aged naturally for a minimum of 3 weeks. It's a perfect snack. Even if you don't like coffee, you will like this cheese. The flavor combination just works!


    Five Pepper Cheddar: just the right amount of kick. Compare it to a smooth pepper jack. We mix Jalapeno and friends together with our original cheddar and age for 3 weeks for a nice smooth kick that adds the perfect flavors to a burger, sandwich, grilled cheese, recipes, salads, or eat with crackers. 


    Artisan Garlic Cheddar: one of our favorites! Original cheddar with our blend of garlic and black pepper. It's so good! Simply delicious. 


    Artisan Dill Cheddar: dill weed, a tiny hint of garlic and black pepper, and a secret ingredient that keeps our dill flavor alive - this cheddar is a favorite of adults and kids alike. Mild, flavorful and great with crackers.


    Artisan Apple Cinnamon Cheddar: we've experimented with apple pie/apple cinnamon and it's been good from the start, but we feel like we've now perfected it! Apple pieces explode with flavor and we use Saigon Cinnamon which has a unique, not so hot, cinnamon taste that makes this one amazing. 


    We frequently add new flavors, so check back often!

    Available in approx. 1/2 pound wedges for $6.