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Farm Life Creamery Gruyere is our Alpine style cheese made from fresh, pasteurized, whole Grade A milk from our family's Holstein herd in Ethan, SD. Aged for 4 months minimum before it is packaged, we are proud of the flavor we are developing with this great melting, stronger than swiss, cheese. Substitute a small amount of Gruyere to add a huge punch of flavor in any recipe that calls for cheese!



  • Our Gruyere is made from our own whole Grade A milk (pasteurized) milk and has salt water washed, natural rind. Our Gruyere's flavor slowly develops over a minimum of 4 months. The temperature that it ages at is a 2 step process, and is checked daily to ensure it's developing properly - rising to develop the "eyes", but not cracking the rind. When it's finally ready to cut, you get to taste and experience a flavor that is truly unlike any other. 


    Gruyere is a good melting cheese. It is also traditionally used in French onion soup, as well as a classic toasted ham and cheese sandwich. It is a fine table cheese, and when grated, it is often used with salads and pastas. Add it to recipes to intensify the flavor. It makes an amazing mac and cheese when added to cheddar or colby.


    Farm Life Creamery Gruyere is an amazing "American Gruyere" and a choice you won't find locally. If you're up for a new experience, give it a try! We cut our Gruyere wheels into approx. 1/2 lb wedges for $8.

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