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At Farm Life Creamery, we handcraft small batch artisan cheese using Grade A milk from our family's Holstein herd in Ethan, South Dakota. Our version of the well known Colby cheese is without dye (leaving it white), and cut into easy to enjoy 8oz blocks.


  • Meet COLBY, the Wisconsin original that has been putting smiles on cheese lover’s faces since 1885! Colby has deep Wisconsin roots (like Laura at Farm Life Creamery!) and starts really similar to Cheddar process-wise, until the end of the make. It's a "washed curd" cheese, where the curd is continually washed and stirred rather than milled. Washing the curd halts the acidification process, which creates a sweeter, more mild style cheese. After washing, curds are pressed and aged for a shorter amount of time than Cheddar. In summary, the cold-water wash, pressing, and the shorter aging process is what makes Colby unique from cheddar. It has a more open texture and a sweeter flavor! Our version of Colby is not dyed orange, and we press in blocks rather than the round, longhorn style shape you may be used to. So it looks a little different, but has an amazing flavor unique to our creamery. We hope you enjoy our version of this well-known cheese!

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