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Fresh Mozzarella!

Our fresh Mozzarella is made from our whole, Grade A pasteurized milk, making it smooth and creamy and full of flavor! Mozzarella is a labor of love, best made in smaller batches and on days when we are ready to conquer the task of hand stretching and forming it while it's HOT! It needs to be formed at the precise moment for the best results. Our Mozzarella balls are hand formed and string is hand stretched. 

Fresh Mozzarella!

  • Our Mozzarella is available in balls for slicing, hand-stretched string cheese, 8oz blocks for easy shredding, and our unique hand rolled pepperoni pinwheels. We also make Mozzarella Pizza Bites - fresh mozzarella cubes mixed with our blend of tomato and Italian Herbs!


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