Fresh Mozzarella!

Our fresh Mozzarella is made from our full fat Grade A pasteurized milk, making it smooth and creamy and full of flavor! Mozzarella is a labor of love we have learned, best made in smaller batches and on days when we are ready to conquer the task of stretching and forming it while it's HOT, because you can't slow down! It needs to be formed at the precise moment for the best results. It's been fun for us to learn, and experiment with our own milk, our own times in the brine tank, and our own shapes and recipes. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Trust us, it's not. But it's FUN and the results are amazing! We are the only local artisan cheese makers taking on the task of Fresh Mozzarella.


Fresh Mozzarella!

  • Farm Life Creamery Mozzarella makes a cheap pizza taste amazing just by slicing some onto it, and local establishments are using our Mozzarella to make stringy deep fried cheese balls. Use it for cooking your italian dishes, or enjoy our hand made string cheese as a nutritious snack! 


    And now...we'd like to introduce our Mozzarella Italian Pinwheels! During the forming process flavor-master Chad rolls out the hot mozzarella like cookie dough, and spreads on our own mixture of sun dried tomatoes and Italian herbs, rolls it up, and takes it to the brine tank. When it's drained we cut it into slices that make beautiful pinwheels that taste as amazing as they look! 


    Available here online or in local stores, when you see our Mozzarella on the shelf, you know it's fresh, full of flavor and painstakingly handmade with love. Try some!

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