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8 oz resealable package, fresh from the Vat, White Cheddar Cheese Curds.

Made from Grade A whole pasteurized milk. 


Fun Fact: Did you know that Cheddar Cheese is NATURALLY white in color? Someone a long time ago decided to dye it orange to differentiate their product. We choose not to add any extra processes or dyes to our natural products. White Cheddar = just as good as orange, no color added!


SKU: 0009
  • Fresh Cheddar Cheese Curds!

    In the cheesemaking process, the curds are placed in a mould and put under weight/pressure to drain the residual whey out and achieve a nice, tightly bonded cheese wheel/block. The wheel is held in a cooler for approximately 30 days before we package it and sell it as a block/wedge of cheese. Cheese curds come right out of the batch, and aren't pressed. We package them the next day. That's a fresh, squeaky cheese curd! Mmmmmm!


    When curds are sold fresh (at room temperature) within the first 24 hours after making them, the cheese is "squeaky". Once refrigerated, the squeak will last for a few days. If you want the squeak back, microwave them for 8-10 seconds, and/or serve at room temperature. Even after many weeks though, cheese curds are delicious cheese, that you can cook with, melt, and still absolutely enjoy them as a healthy snack!


    Farm Life Creamery cheddar cheese curds are made in small batches weekly and sold as fresh as possible! We don't stock store shelves completely full with curds that will sit for a long time. We stock less, more often so you can always have a fresh experience. We also pride ourselves in our delicious flavorings. We've gone a little nuts with flavors! But, when you start with an amazing, fresh, pure, Grade A produced cheese as the clean slate to add flavor to, who wouldn't go nuts! The original stands on it's own just fine, and is a favorite of many, from there, we try lots of things and lead the market with our fresh cheddar cheese curd offerings. 

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