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South Dakota Combo!


We love collaborating with other local small businesses to put together products that support the companies that truly support our local communities. This isn't our first collaboration, but it's a big one! We teamed up with Mitchell Locker to put together this South Dakota Meat + Cheese combo that is NOW AVAILABLE! 


It's really a perfect combination, made in South Dakota!


Farm LIfe Creamery Cheese - Garlic, Original, Five Pepper, Black Pepper

Mitchell Locker Smoked Meat Stick

min. 3.5oz package

South Dakota Combo!

  • A perfect combination of South Dakota hand-made products. 

    Farm LIfe Creamery Cheese stick: Garlic, Original, Five Pepper, or Black Pepper

    Mitchell Locker Smoked Meat Stick - We love their meat sticks because they are actuallly smoked, in a smoker. No artificial smoke flavor added. 

    min. 3.5oz package

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